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  • DiSA Episode 4: Client-side Event Tracking

    DiSA Episode 4: Client-side Event Tracking

    Coders, your time has come! In this episode, we’re going to trigger client-side events from Javascript using XdbTracker – a Client-side Event Tracker for Sitecore 9.x We’re going to fill even more built-in Experience Analytics reports with data… the dashboards are starting to look quite impressive. XdbTracker is available on Github: XConnectHelper can also…

  • DiSA Episode 2: Campaigns & Channels

    DiSA Episode 2: Campaigns & Channels

    In this episode of Diving into Sitecore Analytics, we’re going to use campaigns to feed our acquisition reports with useful data. (and do some neat personalization) By the way, this post from 2014 is still valid! It describes how campaigns are triggered and how to customize triggering.

  • Video series “Diving into Sitecore Analytics” launched

    Video series “Diving into Sitecore Analytics” launched

    I have launched a video series on youtube. The goal is to touch on as many Sitecore Analytics and Experience Platform features as possible without going into too much detail. We’ll start out with out of the box features…but coders don’t worry: there will be code in the later episodes! 🙂 Any kind of feedback…

  • Debugging xConnect with xConnectHelper

    Debugging xConnect with xConnectHelper

    Setting up and testing xConnect can be a challenge – especially in on premise setups. Are all the certificates set up? Are all databases up and connection strings correct? Initiially, tracking, processing and reporting can be somewhat of a black box because to see it working correctly i.E. to test experience profile functionality, you’ll have…

  • Santa’s little xDB Helper

    Sorry for the xmas pun but hey, it’s December. Back to topic. Debugging xDB issues on a remote environment can be very difficult. Is the MongoDB connection OK? Is tracking configured correctly? Are contacts being created and identified? Is my data pushed to the correct places, when my session ends? Why is GeoIP detection not working?