Category: Basics

  • Don‘t cache renderings containing placeholders

    Sitecore‘s „HTML Cache“ feature on renderings has been a great tool since the early days of Sitecore. While in the world of headless, we‘re actually caching JSON instead of HTML, the functionality of this cache remains the same: There are caching variants and more but I won‘t go deeper into this topic as it has…

  • Make Long Running Scheduled Agents Async

    Make Long Running Scheduled Agents Async

    Sitecore’s Scheduled Agents and Tasks have been around forever and are well-known members of the XM suite. Less known is a gotcha you might run into when implementing long running operations (i.E. background import/export, bulk updates,…)

  • Is there a difference between master and web?

    This question has been in the back of my mind for as long as I’ve been working with Sitecore. Is there an internal difference in the way items are stored to and retrieved from these databases? I put some time into investigating: