Sitecore Start Menu Shortcuts not showing

We noticed, that it is not possible to create Application Shortcuts anymore in SC 7.2. All our newly created shortcuts wouldn’t be displayed, while old shortcuts were visible.

The reason for this lies in the changed raw value inside of link fields. Internal links are saved as GUIDs instead of paths:

<link linktype="internal" querystring="" target="" id="{7EADA46B-11E2-4EC1-8C44-BE75784FF105}" />

When we change the raw value of the link back to url=”…”, the link gets displayed again:

<link text="Content Editor" linktype="internal" url="/Applications/Content editor" anchor="" title="" class="" target="">

Obviously, Sitecore expects urls inside shortcuts to be paths instead of GUIDs. Unfortunately it is not possible to create internal links with url=”” through the link dialog. You will have to edit the raw values manually.
We have reported this bug to Sitecore Support.

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